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The scheduled departure for the month of February 2020 ran through the Pedriza area, one of our favorite areas to train during the cold winter months, where you can train in more or less technical areas, depending on what the body ask you.

And with the weather in our favor, the body asked us for a technical area. And in this outing we gathered around twenty companions to divide ourselves into two groups. Leaving together from the Cantocochino parking lot, we arrived at Collado Cabrón (already with the first mistakes on the part of the group, those of going to God knows where). At that point the two groups separated, one softer and calmer that took it easy to go through the Milaneras area and the other, with more strength and training in the legs, wanting to lengthen the route, going down to four roads and from there up to Collado Miradero, where they joined the group of the calmest once again to become a rigger fotillo. Then they lengthened to the Collado de la Ventana while the others returned to Cantocochino.

The views at some points were spectacular. The sea of ​​clouds in the background created an incredible landscape.

Little by little we were returning to the point of origin. The quiet group, without incident. The group of the machacas with the friend Juancar with an eye wound, the result of a fortuitous blow. These things that the pro trail running has. If you can’t go crazy in the mountains (or so our mothers said)

Thank God it was nothing but sheet metal and paint, so everything was in order.

Then, as we shower the gourds with refreshing and foamy drinks, typical of the place.

Here we leave a small photographic testimony of what happened that day.

You can see the rest of the photos of the exit by clicking

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