Through the Sierra de los Porrones. March 2020. TRAILXTREM TEAM CLUB

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Sunny day and pleasant temperature is what awaited us to the companions who gathered at the meeting scheduled for this month of March 2020.

The meeting point was the parking located at the access barrier to La Pedriza. The time, 8.45. After the greetings of the meeting, in the absence of a place to have a previous coffee, there we left a fortnight of runners ready to enjoy the day.

The route begins on a very corridible track, biting upwards until we reach the hermitage of Boalo that helps us to warm our legs and to put each one in his place, checking how we are going and our things. Some snorts are already heard. We regroup at the Hermitage and we take the required photo.

We begin the climb towards the pegs by a route that for many is unknown and that surprises due to the steepness and depth of the views that improve as height increases. Windbreakers and outerwear start to leak and sweat appears on the forehead. It is steep climb and that shows in the effort. Many sections require the use of our arms to overcome the stone-shaped obstacles that appear on the route.

The pegs await above. Short stretch but they enjoyed it. Someone has a hard time (we will not say names). It is what has to have a lot of vertigo. But there are no incidents and we save the section as good riders that we are.

At the top, the route becomes more corrible (ahem, ahem, …). We advance until we reach a corner with history of this our Sierra de los Porrones It is the Cruz del Merlo, or the Blackbird, or something like that. The story of this cross, … well, let’s see, it is about a princess who is kidnapped … and well, the rest of you are already looking for the story online that you have everything there, hehe.

We continue the route, throughout the cordal, with stunning views of the entire Madrid mountains, … The group of forts is ahead, the least trained, we lag behind. And when we reach the detour where the climb ends and everything descends, there is a starting gun so that each one descends at their own pace. The terrain is a bit technical and each one owns his strides, where he sets his foot and the rhythm he wants to impose on his legs. Thus, we come back to the parking lot where we started this route and we end this new meeting of the TRAILXTREM TEAM.

The rest of the photographs of the route can be found at the following link:

The next appointment, for anyone who wants, will be in two weekends, because there will be a shoe test, in case anyone is interested. But of this we will soon give news. !Stay tuned!

!!See you!!

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